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Welcome to INplay 2013

May 15 & 16, 2013

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

255 Front St West, Toronto

1X1 "Speed Dating" Biz Dev Meetings are open! 

One of the perks of picking up your INplay ticket early, is one on one time with almost any speaker at INplay! Don’t miss this chance for guaranteed networking with industry professionals from a wide range of sectors and specializations.

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Mark Surman at INplay 2012


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INplay is Canada’s premiere kids interactive content conference. Over two days in downtown Toronto, INplay connects kids creative industries with insights and opportunities in the interactive space. This year’s edition takes place on May 15 & 16 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, in conjunction with Canada 3.0.

From the video game business to the broadcast industry, from toys to cartoons, the INplay conference brings together leaders in the kids space to learn, network and be inspired by the future of kids interactive digital media.

Now in its fourth year, INplay will shine a spotlight on:  

  • Technology for games and entertainment used in interdisciplinary learning
  • New kinds of play, focusing on merging immersive/interactive action-based digital and real-world activities
  • Social gaming and co-viewing with a focus on inter-generational play
  • Perspectives and insights into successes in the kids interactive industry
  • Responsible marketing and privacy/safety issues
  • Putting interactive first
  • Licensing, legal and making the most of your intellectual property
  • The importance of play within companies
  • and more

Put yourself into the shoes of your audience to make your IP better, more effective and more fun!

The conference’s integrated programming means that our sessions each cover three essential facets of working with properties for kids aged 2-12:

Research and e-learning
Anyone operating in the kids sector needs to understand their audience. How do kids play? What choices do they make regarding engagement? What makes one activity fun over another? INplay will both provide attendees with insights into kids and how they relate to interactive properties, and consider research and cutting edge technology that will shape and direct the future of the sector. Speakers will include both key industry players and academic scholars whose research focus is on kids. This area aims to bridge the gap between business and scholarship and between academia and industry.

Creativity and content
Creativity lies at the heart of the kids interactive industry. If not for wild imagination, crazy ideas and inspired products, we would never be able to reach out to children and connect with their sense of wonder and curiosity. Focused on the creativity and craft behind interactive properties for kids, this area of focus will draw upon industry leaders whose expertise contributed to the creation of innovative projects, characters, stories, technology and platforms for kids. Our discussions and presentations will fire the imagination!

Kids are starting to use interactive digital media at an increasingly young age and in increasing numbers. As such, our programming will delve into commercial opportunities, discussing what works and what doesn’t in practical terms.

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